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You've Got Questions

Starting your venue search comes with lots of questions. We've got you covered with our most frequently asked questions. If you have anything else you want to ask, don't hesitate to reach out!


Do you host any events other than weddings? Birthday parties, sweet 16s, etc.?

No, we are strictly a wedding venue!

Do you have a minimum guest requirement?
Yes. Our minimums are entirely dependent on the date and range from 125-155.

What is your reception pricing?

Our reception pricing is entirely dependent on the date. For specific pricing, please contact us here.

Where can I find your wedding package?

Our wedding package can be found here along with its inclusions!

Can I eliminate parts of the wedding package to discount the price?

We provide an inclusive package so your wedding is done to the highest standard and your guests have an enjoyable experience. If you cut out certain menu items, your guests will simply eat or drink more of what is provided. Therefore we are firm on pricing and don’t offer discounts.

Do you offer cocktail-style receptions?

We do not offer full cocktail-style receptions. Every wedding is inclusive of an extended 90-minute cocktail hour, followed by a sit-down dinner reception. 

Do you offer private suites to get ready onsite?

Yes, we offer two private suites for the wedding party to get ready onsite!

How many weddings do you hold per day?


Are you a country club?

We are not a country club, and we do not have members. We are exclusively a wedding venue.

How far are you from NYC?

About 60 miles.

Where is the nearest train station or public transportation?

The nearest train station is Mount Arlington. 

Do you offer onsite accommodations?

We do not provide onsite accommodations; however, there are local hotels that we recommend. There is an AirBNB across the lake available to rent.

Where is the nearest hotel?

The nearest hotel is the  Courtyard Marriott Mount Arlington. For more options, please refer to our hotel guide.

Do you allow pets?

Upon approval, we allow pets outside for photos and an outdoor ceremony. Unfortunately, due to the proximity of our kitchens to the guest spaces, we cannot have your fur baby in the venue.

Do you offer ceremonies without a reception?

No, we do not offer ceremony-only events. You can however host your reception without holding your ceremony here.

What if I don't meet my minimum?

You are still contractually obligated to pay for the guest minimum for your date.

Are you handicap accessible?

We are mostly wheelchair accessible. Leading into ceremony we have gently slanted ramps & golf carts to transport guests. We have an elevator going between our cocktail hour and reception areas; however the Balcony Suite is not wheelchair accessible. 

How do you accept payments?

We accept cash or check only. We do not accept Venmo, credit cards or any other forms of electronic payment.

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