10 Affordable Decor Ideas for Weddings on a Budget

Updated: Jan 7

Dreaming of your Pinterest-perfect wedding but working within a budget? We put together some ideas for you to decorate beautifully & personally without breaking the bank!

DIY Place Cards

Place Card Me is a website that offers cheap, super cute tent card templates where you can easily upload your guest list and it will generate into printable PDFs!! The current cost is only $8 per template with unlimited guests per event. If you are looking to save even more, Microsoft Word also offers a free template where you can print right from there! Just search their templates for 'place cards' or 'tent cards.'

Chalkboard Signs

Signs might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to decor details, but they're a great way to add personal touches to your wedding! We love chalkboard signs because they literally give you a blank slate. You can write on them yourself, "hire" your friend with good handwriting to write for you or even hire a professional calligrapher! Amazon, Michaels or Walmart are just a few places to find some inexpensive chalk board signs! Just remember to always double check the sizes when ordering online!

Keep the Flowers Seasonal & Local

Local, in-season flowers are the way to go. Not only will your blooms be as fresh as can be, but the prices are normally lower when you get it at the peak of their supply. And when you buy local, you save on transportation costs! Win-win!

Re-purpose Your Flowers

Flowers are expensive and this is a great way to ensure you make the most of your floral decor. Take your archway flowers or bridal party bouquets and use them as table decor or cake decoration! Talk to your florist about ways you can re-purpose yours!

Use Greenery & Candles

Simplicity is IN! Greenery and candles together is the perfect look for weddings at a rustic-elegant venue like Rock Island Lake Club. We love this look because it's romantic, simple and goes with any season or theme. Skip the flower centerpieces and do a eucalyptus garland (or pine & berries for winter) along the farm tables with some floating candles or votives! You can get a Set of 36 Cylinder Floating Candle Vases for just $124 on Amazon. Talk to your florist about doing greenery, or look into AFloral for some realistic-looking artificial options! Remember, simple is chic!

Shop Online for Used Wedding Decor

After a wedding, a lot of couples put their decor up for sale. Because who is going to use a "welcome to our ceremony" sign twice? This can be a great way to pay less for decor (that was often only used once). Check Facebook Marketplace or search Facebook for local "Buy & Sell Wedding Decor" groups targeted to your area! If you don't feel comfortable with Facebook or you want something more legitimate, Tradesy has some great deals too!!

Utilize Your Wedding Website

You can significantly reduce paper waste and save money by switching your RSVP cards to online (so long as your guests are tech-savvy). If you don't want to fully switch to digital, include your wedding website on your Save the Dates. This will direct your guests to find more information about your wedding on your website vs. you including multiple stationery cards with your Save the Dates (these add up quick!). You can display things like your hotel block and venue information on your website. Plus, it'll be super convenient for guests to access these details on their phones when they don't have the physical copy on hand!

Re-purposing House Decor

When you think of wedding decor, you probably think of it all coming from a wedding retail market. But sometimes you can get creative and fill some blank spaces (like your guestbook table) with things from your own home, like photos, vases and twinkle lights!

Or -- you can do this in reverse and buy things you know you can re-use later at your own house! These are things like mason jars, that could come in handy for a summer BBQ; or a bench as a guestbook that you can put right in your backyard; a chalkboard sign that you can later use in your kitchen as a to-do or grocery list!

Choose a Venue that Doesn't Need Much Decor

Choosing a naturally beautiful location that doesn't require you bring everything in will save you a ton of money on rentals and decorative elements. Of course you're going to want to add your own personal touches, but not having to worry about purchasing things like chairs & silverware not only saves you money but stress as well! Some venues will even have some extra decor for you to borrow, so be sure to ask!

Homemade Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

Create a DIY bridesmaids survival kit; make a rose petal bath salt mixture and put it in a jar; create a photo book for each bridesmaid; put together a self-care box. There are so many ways to get creative with this, and your girls will appreciate the special effort you put in!

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