You’ve Been Selected to be Maid of Honor—Now What?

Updated: Jan 7

You’ve Been Selected to be Maid of Honor—Now What?

Have you always envisioned yourself standing beside your best friend as she marries her future husband? Well, the time has finally come. You’ve just received the Pinterest-worthy invitation gift reading, “Will you be my Maid of Honor?” Excitement begins to overfill you…until you realize you don’t even know what it means to be maid of honor. Lucky for you, the team at Rock Island Lake Club in New Jersey has plenty of experience when it comes to weddings, and we’ve got everything you need to know about what it takes to be the greatest maid of honor.

1. The Bridesmaids. Whether there is one bridesmaid or 10, it is your responsibility to keep the bridesmaids organized and in-the-loop.

2. The Bridal Shower. With help from the bridal party, you will most likely be hosting the bridal shower. This involves selecting a venue, purchasing décor, sending out invitations, ordering food, and keeping track of the gifts received.

3. The Bachelorette Party. One of the better-known duties of the Maid of Honor is the infamous bachelorette party. This is your time (and the bridal party’s) to show the bride a good time. Some things to consider—destination? Theme? Decorations? Matching apparel and gifts?

4. The Backbone. The most important role you can take on as the Maid of Honor is to be the bride’s backbone. From day one to the day of the wedding, you need to support the bride, keep her calm, and make this her most memorable day ever.

Taking on the role of Maid of Honor can be a daunting, yet exciting task. From helping the bride in planning her wedding, to adjusting her dress as needed, your hard work pays off when you see your best friend smiling as she walks down the aisle. At Rock Island Lake Club, the elegant lakeside wedding venue in Northern New Jersey, you have a whole team behind you to help support the bride. We are here to guide you, the bride, and the wedding parties in creating an unforgettable day.

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