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Updated: Jan 7

Your wedding day is all about YOU (and your spouse), so let your love and interests shine by adding personalized touches to your wedding! At lakefront wedding venue, Rock Island Lake Club in Northern New Jersey we’ve seen all the coolest and cutest ways that couples have added personalized touches to their weddings-- from simple personalized cake toppers to dogs as ring bearers! Check out some of the unique and fun ways our Rock Island couples have personalized their weddings!

  • Signs Signs Signs -- We have seen SO many unique and beautiful personalized signs used by brides and grooms at Rock Island. You can incorporate signs with your names, your wedding date, or your favorite love quote anywhere in your wedding-- the ceremony, cocktail hour, the bar, the guest book station, and more!

  • Wedding Favors -- This is a fun way to add a personal touch to your wedding! Choose something you and your spouse love, and something that will be useful to the guests to take home. Some ideas we've seen are personalized koozies, cookies in a personalized baggie, and a bottle of the bride and grooms favorite alcohol!

  • Straws -- We've had a few couples who personalized their straws by adding their dog's face to them! If your dog can't be there on your wedding day, this is a great way to include him or her. Or, simply personalize the straws with your names or 'Bride' and 'Groom.'

  • Photos -- Display photos of you and your bride or groom from throughout the years around the venue. You and your guests will love looking back at what brought you to this day.

There are so many ways that you and your spouse can express yourselves and your love, so head over to Pinterest for endless ideas! https://www.pinterest.com/rockislandlakeclub

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