Sweating for the Wedding

Updated: Jan 7

If you’re like most soon-to-be brides (and grooms), you’re probably looking to get in shape or shed a few pounds before the big day. Whether you’re a year out or a couple months out from your wedding, it’s never too late to start sweating! Our very own Rock Island Lake Club team member, Kellie is a personal trainer who has some tips and a sample workout plan to make sure you feel your best on your wedding day and in the months leading up to it!


  1. If you plan on losing a few pounds or more, be sure to line up your goals with your alteration dates. You don’t want to have to lose 10 pounds in just a couple weeks in order to fit into your already tailored dress.

  2. Don't wait till the last minute to start a fitness program. Start as soon as possible, or at least six months before your wedding so that you're not stressed. Three days of working out is a great place to start; if you have more time, aim for 5 days!

  3. Don’t become too obsessed with sweating for the wedding; do it in a healthy, balanced manner. There are so many fun things to enjoy on the wedding planning journey, like the food and cake tastings and all of the food and drinks that will be had at the engagement party, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the bridal shower!

  4. When you're not enjoying wedding festivities, try to eat smaller portions, less sugar, and more fruits and veggies!

Below is a sample workout plan. Adjust the schedule and exercises to what works best for you!

Not only will exercising help you get in shape, it’s also a great way to ease any wedding planning stress you may have. Exercise releases endorphins (the feel-good neurotransmitters) which help keep you in a great mood! Other perks of exercise include better sleep, more energy, and increased confidence—all of which are great for wedding planning and the day of the wedding. Oh, and dancing at your lakeside wedding reception will be a lot easier!

Incorporating strength training (weight lifting) into your routine helps to build muscle and burn fat, which will help you get the toned look you desire. Strength training even burns calories after you’re already done working out!

Need help reaching your wedding goals? Contact certified personal trainer and Rock Island Lake Club team member, Kellie at kellieclarkfitness@gmail.com!

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