Fun ways to Include your dog in your Wedding🐶

Updated: Jan 7

Can't imagine your wedding day without your furbaby by your side? Neither could many of our couples at Rock Island Lake Club, so they brought their pups with them! We're bringing you 10 creative ways to include your dog in your wedding. Whether it be just having them by your side, dressing them up in a cute shirt, or even naming your signature drink after them, our creative couples have done it all and we want to share these ideas with you!

1. Have your pups be your 'Ring Security!'

Photo: Matt Stallone Photography

2. Give out favors from your dog!

Photo: Matthew Douglas

3. Print out faces of your doggo to use as props. It'll feel like they're right there with you on the dance floor!

Photos: Matt Stallone

4. Have them walk down the aisle with you. This bride made her pup the 'Dog of Honor.'

Photo: Matt Stallone Photography

5. Get customized straws with your dog! Such a cute and subtle way to include them in your day.

Photo: Jon Pivko

6. Dress him or her up to pose in pictures with you!

Photo: Erin Lane Photography

7. Let them be one of the guests during your ceremony. Let's be honest, your dog is probably the only one you really care about being there (jk).

Photo: ein Photography

8. Have a first look with your dog!

Photo: Dideo Films and Photography

9. Take some cute pics with whole family.

Photo: Anthony Ziccardi Studios

With the 2020 season less than three months away, we're getting excited to see how else our couples are going to incorporate their dogs (or other furbabies) in their wedding!

More dog photos below for your viewing pleasure :)

*Please request permission from your wedding coordinator before bringing your pet onto the Rock Island Lake Club property.

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