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6 Non-Traditional Processional Ideas

Tori Kelner

What is a Wedding Processional?

The wedding processional signifies the start of the ceremony when everyone walks down the aisle. The processional may include the officiant, the wedding party, parents, grandparents, the flower girl and ring bearer, the couple of honor, and whoever else the couple wishes to include.

If you're looking to make your wedding processional special, here are some unique processional ideas!

Meet Each Other Halfway

Photographer: Tori Kelner | Florist: A Touch of Elegance

Walking down the aisle together is a trend that we are here for. Bryan met Heather halfway up the aisle and they walked the rest of the way together. Heather's father passed a year prior, so this was such a sweet, memorable moment for everyone.

Walk with Both Parents

Top Photos: Brittany Boote | Florist: Strange Vine
Bottom Photos: Pearl Paper Studio | Florist: Thistle Bee

Honor your parents by having both of them walk you down the aisle.

Walk the Aisle Together

Photographer: Chris Carter | Florist: A Touch of Elegance

Maureen and Jen walked together with their fathers.

Don't Forget About your Fur Baby 🐾

Photos 1 - 3: Matt Stallone Photography
Photo 4: ein Photography

The ceremony is the perfect time to include your pet in your wedding day. You'll get some great pictures and your guests will love it!

Ride in Style

Photographer: Matt Stallone Photography

Getting kids to walk down the aisle can be difficult. Have fun with it and have them drive down in a remote control car or a wagon!

Introducing the Flower Man

Photographer: Joanna Fisher

Not inviting kids to your wedding, but still want a ring bearer or flower girl? Or have a friend or relative you want to include in your ceremony, but not sure how? How about a flower man or a flower grandma!!

If you're looking to keep your wedding ceremony more traditional, here are some ceremony processional orders that will give you specifics as to when each person in the ceremony should walk.

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