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6 Things Couples Regret Not Doing on Their Wedding Day

We want to make sure you have zero regrets after your wedding, so we took it to Instagram to ask married couples what they regret not doing on their wedding day. Here's what they said.

Extending the Wedding

Jon Pivko

At Rock Island Lake Club, you can extend your wedding by the half hour. Your wedding day will fly by; adding time will give you more time for pictures, dancing, and soaking it all in with your SPOUSE.

Hiring a Videographer

We constantly hear couples questioning whether or not they should hire a videographer, and more often than not, those who ended up not hiring one regret it. Once your wedding day is over, you'll be wishing that you could relive it over and over again.

Eating More

Jorge Garcia

Forgetting to eat on your wedding day is super common. You'll be pulled in different directions by family, friends, and your vendors. To ensure that you get to try all of the cocktail hour food that you picked for your day, our day-of staff will put a platter together for you to enjoy after the ceremony. Take a break from the craziness to eat some food and spend some alone time together.

Don't forget to try some desserts during the reception, too!

Taking Advantage of Day-of Staff

Molly Quill

At Rock Island Lake Club, you have a coordinator, attendants, and a maître d' that are there for YOU. They work together and with your vendors to keep the day running smoothly. Take advantage and let them help you!

Taking Photos Outside

Even if it's a little rainy, cold, or humid, try to get outside for some photos. You'll regret not having those photos more than you'll regret having a bit of frizzy hair! Don't miss out on any of the photo spots at Rock Island!

Taking Pics with Family & Friends

With Love by Georgie

Create a photo list with the names of everyone you'd like to take a photo with and give it to your photographer. You'll be so caught up in the moment, so let your photographer handle this for you. Also consider asking a family member who knows the majority of your guests to help the photographer rally everyone you want pictures with.

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