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Do I Need to Hire a Planner/Coordinator for my Rock Island Wedding?

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Photo by Kristy Hoadley

As you begin planning your wedding, you'll probably ask yourself, "Should I hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator?" The answer to this question will vary from couple to couple and venue to venue. Whether or not you need a wedding planner or a coordinator is based on your needs, your specific situation, and your venue.

At Rock Island Lake Club, you will work with one of our in-house wedding coordinators who will be there to help you throughout the wedding planning process through the day-of to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Below is a run down of what you can expect when working with the wedding coordinators at Rock Island.


  • A wedding coordinator will give you a tour of the venue.

  • They will review the wedding package and the contract with you and answer any questions you may have.

Leading up to the Wedding

  • Check in periodically to ensure that you are staying on track with wedding planning tasks such as booking vendors, choosing décor, reserving hotel blocks and transportation, selecting venue upgrades, etc.

  • Provide guidance where possible throughout the planning process, offer recommendations, help with menu selections, and discuss wedding details and ceremony specifications.


  • Check in with you to finalize your guest count, the floor plan, entrée counts, and wedding day timeline.

  • Work with you to make sure everything is set with your vendors.

  • Check in to see what time your vendors will be arriving at the venue.


  • You will meet with your wedding coordinator and the RILC maître d' for a final appointment before your wedding.

  • Bring your personal touch décor to the final appointment (signage, photos, votives, etc.).


  • On the day of your wedding, the team at Rock Island Lake Club will set up the personal touch décor you brought to your final appointment.

  • Your coordinator will make sure all of your vendors arrive and stay in close communication with them throughout the day to make sure everyone is working together and staying on schedule.

  • Assist the couples' attendants to make sure you are well taken care of.

  • Go through a ceremony rehearsal with your wedding party.

  • Run the ceremony and guide those who are in the ceremony processional.

  • Help with the finishing touches in the ballroom-- light the candles, display the cake, etc.

When we Suggest Hiring a Wedding Coordinator or Planner

  • When you have a lot of décor-- especially if it is DIY. You may need to find a company who specializes in setting up and breaking down décor. Oftentimes, outside planners and coordinators don't handle DIY décor either.

  • If you are looking for professional guidance when booking vendors, for someone who will help you create and manage a budget, or for someone to attend vendor meetings with you.

  • If you'd feel more comfortable having an extra set of helping hands on your wedding day.

Definitely want outside help leading up to your wedding day and on the day-of? Learn more about what wedding coordinators and wedding planners do here!

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