How to Tie Family Heirlooms Into Your Wedding

Updated: Jan 7

Using a family heirloom is a great way to show true honor to your family/history on your wedding day. But you might be wondering how exactly to use your "something old." So, we're sharing some ideas for incorporating family heirlooms into your wedding below!

Bridal Attire

One of the most popular ways to do this is wearing your mother or grandmother's wedding dress. If the dress has been in storage for some time, be sure to bring it to an experienced dress cleaner who can ensure the vintage piece can be restored without damage. A veil is another timeless piece that can be used from family history if you're going with your own dress!

Toasting with Vintage Champagne Glasses

It's common to toast with champagne glasses that have been passed down from generation to generation. Ask your grandparents or parents if they still have their champagne flutes from their wedding!

From my Jewelry Box to Yours

Another favorite family heirloom is jewelry. Wear a necklace piece or pair of earrings from grandma's jewelry box to give your bridal look a timeless feel! You can also decorate your bouquet with a brooch or piece of jewelry! For the groom, wear a family watch or cuff links!


Photos are a great way to bring a touch of home to your wedding! There are so many ways you can work with this. To highlight your love story, you can display photos of you and your fiance during the dating days (you can even use these as centerpieces); to highlight your family memories, display photos of your family growing up (everyone loves seeing baby pictures of the two getting married!); or to honor loved ones who have passed, you can create a memory table with their photos to make it like they're there with you. Another way to honor loved ones who aren't able to celebrate your day with you is to keep a photo charm pinned into your jacket (groom) or your bouquet (bride).

Cake Topper

Do your parents still have their cake topper from their wedding day? Why not put it to good use again? Or use a small family piece -- from a porcelain couple to a crystal figurine -- that can be used as a topper!

It's a beautiful thing to protect and pass down items to a bride or groom. Just even the smallest item can be so heartwarming and special. Big or small, incorporating a family heirloom or mementos into your wedding is the ultimate tribute to your family legacy that will make your day more special both now and years down the road!

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