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New Jersey's Best Cocktail Hour

Updated: Mar 14

If you haven't already heard, Rock Island in Sparta, NJ is known for having on of the best cocktail hour menus in the tri-state area. Couples, guests, and vendors are constantly raving about the unique selections and the amount of food and drinks offered. Cocktail hour at Rock Island is always an hour and a half to allow plenty of time for photos and for trying out all of the food and drinks! Check out what's included below.

Matt Stallone


Lite Bites

You get to choose six out of 36 passed lite bites (hors d'oeuvre). There are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options, as well as seafood, poultry, and meat options!

Charcuterie Boat

A boat full of cheese? Yes, please!

Madison Wedding Studio

Small Plates

Select one small plate. The Mini Beef Wellington (pictured on the left) is the most popular!

Cast Iron Fillers

From calamari to mac n cheese to seitan short ribs, there are options for everyone!

Live Stations

This is the fun part! The live stations are a great way to add a personal touch and to tell your story.

Is hibachi your go-to date night? Then the Hibachi station is the obvious choice!

Big sports fans? The Tailgate is for you.

Have memories of making big Italian dinners with your family? Go with Nonna's Italian Kitchen station.

Each live station is paired with a drink.

Butcher Blocks

Pick two butcher blocks. From Irish Corned Beef to Breast of Duck to Brie en Croute and more.

You're going to need something to wash down all of this food! There are two bars in the cocktail hour space featuring local craft beers, signature drinks, wine, and cocktails.


The deliciousness doesn't stop there. After cocktail hour is the reception which includes salad, five entree options, and lots of desserts! Want even more? Add on stations such as the Ice Cream Sandwich Bar and the Chinese Takeout to end the night. Find the whole wedding package here. Warning: don't look at it if you're hungry :)

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