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Postponement Cards for Weddings Affected by COVID-19

You've decided (or were forced) to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19. All of your guests have already received their Save the Dates and/or invitations. As if these times weren't already stressful enough, you now need to notify over 100 people that your long-awaited day has been moved! Behold the sibling of Save the Dates: Change The Dates. A Change the Date is an official way of notifying your guests that your wedding has been postponed to a new date, which can be sent as a physical card or digitally. Check out some ideas on Change the Date wording, designs, and where to get them.

Amaryllis Paperie

Member of the RILC vendor team (and a Rock Island Lake Club bride!), Amaryllis Paperie offers all things wedding calligraphy, stationery, and hand-lettered gifts. She has designed a postponement card (pictured below) for a couple who has rescheduled their wedding stating, "given the uncertainty of the present times, we have decided to postpone our wedding..." They also included a note telling guests to check their wedding website for further updates. Having a wedding website is so important, now more than ever!

The second card pictured below is for a couple who wanted to send out their invitations, but also acknowledged that their plans may change. We suggest all couples who are ready to send out invitations do the same.

Explore Amaryllis Paperie for more wedding stationery inspo.

Little Black Dress Paperie

Also a member of the Rock Island member team, Little Black Dress Paperie is a luxury design studio that specializes in wedding stationery designed just for you. To accommodate couples during COVID-19 restrictions, LBDP is offering virtual consultations via phone, email, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Skype.

Little Black Dress Paperie has many announcement options for couples rescheduling their weddings, including the followng:

PDF graphic change of date announcement for email

Printed digital change of date announcement with envelope

Printed digital change of date announcement with response set

Complete reprint of invitation and response set

Digital printed envelope guest addressing

And if you can't make it to the studio, they will stuff, stamp, and mail for you!


Minted is an online stationery company offering a variety of designs by creatives all around the world. They are offering 'Postponed,' 'Change the Date,' 'Save our new Date,' 'Let's try this Again' cards, and more!


Etsy has pages and pages full of creative, fun, and unique postponement wedding cards!

Find more Funny Change the Date Cards Here

As stressful and crazy as this whole situation is, make the best of it! Look at this as an extension of wedding planning and have fun with it by creating new wedding invitations. And don't feel like you have to send out a physical notice, a digital notice will work just as well and saves money. Everything will work out and your wedding day will happen.

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