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Pros & Cons of Digital Wedding Invitations

Updated: Mar 24

The times are changing and so are the way couples connect with their guests. Recently, couples have been going digital with their wedding invitations and RSVPs, rather than mailing physical invites. 94% of Rock Island Lake Club Instagram followers are sticking with tradition and sending out physical wedding invitations.

Not sure if you're ready to ditch the traditional paper invitations? Here are some pros and cons of digital wedding invites versus physical wedding invites.

LC Allison


Digital Invitations

Pro: You can Save Money

Digital invitations are more cost-effective. Not only will you save on the invitations themselves, you'll save on shipping costs which can add up very quickly!

Pro: They are Eco-Friendly

A lot of paper is used for wedding invitations-- the envelope, the invite itself, the RSVP card, the details insert, and potentially a COVID information card. If you do decide to order printed invites, find a vendor that uses recycled paper.

Pro: Avoid Mail Delays & Damages

The post office can be unpredictable. By going digital, you can avoid your invitations getting lost, damaged, delayed, or returned.

Pro: Easily Track RSVPs

We're sure you've hear stories of guests not RSVPing on time, adding additional guests {who weren't invited} onto the RSVP cards, or guests who don't write their names on the RSVP card. When you have guests RSVP online, you can send them reminders, easily track responses, and ensure that no one adds guests on.

Pro: Save Time & Stress

Most importantly, opting for digital invitations will save you time and the stress of designing, assembling, shipping, and dealing with the post office and frustrating guests.


Con: Non-Tech Savvy Guests

Believe it or not, some of your guests might not have email addresses and if even if they do, they might not know how to navigate evites and your wedding website.

Con: Spam Folder

Facing the risk of your email ending up in the recipients' spam folder.

Con: You Lose the Excitement & Keepsake Aspect

If you send digital wedding invites, you won't have a physical one to look back on or add to your wedding memorabilia. Many couples frame their invites or put it in an album, and a lot of guests like to display the invitations on their refrigerators.

Plus, guests will miss out on the excitement of receiving invitations in the mail, and you'll miss out on the excitement of checking your mailbox everyday for the RSVPs.

Idea: have one or a few invites printed for you and close family members to hold onto.

Con: Goes Against Traditional Formalities

Depending on your guest list, you may have to prepare for push-back if you decide to go the paperless route. Many people prefer receiving an invitation in the mail-- it's exciting, it's what they are used to, and it's been a part of the wedding process for years. If you want to go digital and you know this might be an issue, try having few physical copies printed for yourself and for those who would appreciate it, as mentioned above.


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