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Resources for Planning a LGBTQ Wedding

Updated: Jan 6

At Rock Island, we're all about inclusivity. Regardless of genders, a wedding is a wedding and love is love! But we understand that some same-sex couples have to take an extra step in certain areas of planning. Here are some resources we hope you find helpful.

Finding Vendors Who Are LGBTQ Friendly

Sometimes it's obvious, and sometimes it's not. But here are some sneaky hints:

  • Browse their photo galleries. If you see another same-sex couple, you can be rest assured that they're equally minded.

  • Evaluate their language. At Rock Island, we cut out words like "bridal suite" and "groom's lounge" to speak to all orientations. Check if their wedding content sounds like they assume you are a bride and groom, or if they are more general; this could be a good hint!

  • Stalk their social media. We understand more than anyone that not every wedding makes it to the gram. There are TOO many special days!! But, if you check Facebook or Instagram for celebratory "thanks for booking with us!" posts, you might find some hints there too!

Photo by Matt Stallone

Walking Down the Aisle

A very common concern for same-sex couples is the question: who's going to walk down the aisle? The most important part about this is simply that you are both comfortable with what you're doing! Do what works best for you! Don't be afraid to put your own spin on things! We are here for it!

  • Meet halfway. We've had couples be sent out through separate doors from the venue, meet halfway and walk the rest of the way together down the aisle.

  • Choose amongst each other one to walk the aisle and one to wait under the archway.

  • Both walk separately at different times.

  • Walk down the aisle together. If seeing each other isn't a surprise, you can walk down together!

  • Neither walk down the aisle. You can just casually greet guests together at ceremony. When the officiant is ready, they can call you up, and you can start after guests take their seats.

There is no wrong way; the right way is what works for you!

Photo by Michele Arlotta

Gender Neutral Wedding Songs

Check out our Spotify playlist on gender neutral wedding songs:

Photo by Anthony Ziccardi

Finding What Works for YOU!

The best part of planning a wedding is making it uniquely yours. We are all for tossing out the old traditions and tying in your own special details that make you, you!

Photo by Lisa Hibbert

Additional Resources for you...

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