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Rock Island Ceremonies: Your Questions Answered

Updated: Mar 24

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and some tips from our professional wedding coordinators for a smooth ceremony at Rock Island!


Q: Will we be provided with a ceremony coordinator? (Tap to Expand)

Q: Do you offer drinks for guests upon arrival?

Q: What sides should my wedding party stand on?

Q: Do you provide speakers for ceremony?

Q: Do you provide a microphone and podium for our officiant?

Q: Is your ceremony site wheelchair-accessible?

Q: Do you provide a table for unity ceremonies?

Q: Can we involve our pets in our ceremony?


Q: Do we have to have an onsite ceremony if our reception is at Rock Island?

A: No, onsite ceremonies are optional at RI. You are free to have an offsite ceremony if that works for you!

Q: Where can we have our onsite ceremony?

Q: If the weather is unpredictable on my wedding day, how close to the ceremony start time can we decide where to have it?

Q: Where does the sun set?

Do you offer rehearsal dinners?


Q: Are there any restrictions on ceremony décor?

A: We do not allow aisle runners, nails/staples into the archway or non-biodegradable confetti.

Q: Are we allowed to decorate the archway?

Q: Will you decorate the archway for us?

Q: What are some alternatives to confetti?


What are some factors to consider when deciding on a ceremony start time?

- Season and day of the week - Sunday weddings typically opt for an earlier wedding where Fridays typically opt for later start times; Winter weddings are typically a bit earlier, Summer weddings are typically later.

- Sunset time - check out for a sunset calendar!

- If you plan on taking pictures after ceremony (lightness/darkness).

- Restrictions on venue's time - at RI, all weddings must end by midnight, so the latest you can start a ceremony is 6:30 (without adding on additional time)

Q: How long does it take to walk down the aisle outside?

Q: Will there be someone to coordinate the timing of everything with our ceremony vendors?

Q: How long does a ceremony last?

Q: When will we be able to do a walkthrough?

Ceremony Tips

  • Tell your officiant ahead of time to step to the side for the first kiss picture!

  • Do not lock your knees so you won’t run the risk of tipping over during the ceremony!

  • Make sure all phones are turned off or on silent and put in pockets that are not guest-facing.

  • Have your MOH/bridesmaid standing closest to you pass their bouquet over to the next closest bridesmaid so they can fix your dress and veil and hold your bouquet. Make sure they pass it back at the end of the ceremony!

  • If you are planning to do extended family photos right after the ceremony make sure you tell all of the people involved to stick around after the ceremony ahead of time, that way they won’t wander into cocktail hour!

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