Staff's Pick: The Best Enhancements for your Wedding

As you already know, we take our menus seriously at Rock Island Lake Club. Our unique selection of add-ons totally sets us apart from other wedding venues in New Jersey. But the variety of options can make it hard to pick from; so if you're stuck, here are some suggestions from our team that might help!


Jon Pivko

Balcony Suite

Recommended by: Amanda N.

Why we love it: There's a reason why the Balcony Suite package is our most popular upgrade every year. Getting ready at your venue is ideal for relaxing the morning of your wedding! At Rock Island you get your own personal attendant and a private space to eat, drink, get ready and hang out without worrying about making it to your venue on time! "Booking the balcony suite takes so much stress off of the day because you are already at the venue at 9am and if hair & makeup are running a bit behind, there’s no need to worry because your are already there!" Karly, our wedding planner, recommends.

Lakeside Lounge

Recommended by: Carl

Why we love it: The Lakeside Lounge is a super fun package that not only keeps the guys busy, but removes the morning-of-the-wedding stress for the ladies to know the guys are already onsite, and won't be late for photos... or, you know, the wedding. "It's easier to get ready in one place and it's like an all day party," Taylor, our assistant to the business manager says, "You don't have to worry about running late because you're already there and we offer so many amenities."

Lakeside S'mores

Recommended by: Jamie

Why we love it: "S'mores by the fire always make for great memories with family and friends," Jamie recommends, "then add the lake and it sets such a nice vibe." Picture holding hands with your new husband as you walk down to the lake, just after the sun sets, to join your guests in roasting a couple marshmallows, enjoying a delicious s'more and creating memories. You really can't go wrong with this upgrade!

Late Night To-Go Stations

Recommended by: Victor

Why we love it: No matter how full people are after cocktail hour and desserts, after a night of drinking and dancing people are going to want a late night snack after the party. "Late night snacks are the perfect favor for guests at the end of the night of dancing and drinking, when everyone is hungry!" Becca, our sales coordinator, recommends, "It’s a favor people appreciate and make use of, more than a ‘dust collector’ tchotchke or something they’ll throw away!"

Up Lighting

Recommended by: Jillian

Why we love it: Uplighting changes the whole vibe of the ballroom and outside. "My strongest push has always been the uplighting package because of the fact that it seriously changes the dynamic of the post dinner dance party for the good," Mike, our maitre d says, "The difference between a non up-light wedding and a wedding that has them is staggering. It’s even very fair to say that it feels like a totally different room when the lights are on."

Magic Mirror Selfie Booth

Recommended by: Kellie

Why we love it: Photo booths -- who doesn't love them?! You can always count on photo booths to capture candid wildness of your wedding night. Our social media assistant, Kellie, recommends the Magic Mirror Selfie Booth, saying that, "Guests get to bring the printed photo strips home and the couple gets a USB with every photo!"

Adding a 4th Live Station

Recommended by: Lisa

Why we love it: Because you can never have enough food at cocktail hour! "I’m a foodie with a salty preference vs sweet so I like to see the special chef fee live stations picked or just extra food stations picked in general!" Lisa, our business manager, recommends!

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