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Wedding Traditions: What's In & What's Out

Many couples are ditching the wedding traditions that we've seen and heard about for years and taking the "this is our day; let's do what we want!" approach and we are here for it. Just because it's a tradition, does not mean you have to do it. Let's talk about which wedding traditions are still in and which are out.

Bouquet & Garter Toss: Out

Anthony Ziccardi Studios

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers: In, but with a twist ✔️

Joanna Fisher Photography

We are loving the new flower girl and ring bearer trend-- flower men and flower grandmas! It's a cute way to include a loved one in your ceremony and your guests will love it!

Cake Cutting: On its way out

LC Allison Photography

Lots of couples are skipping the traditional cake cutting, or replacing the cake completely with donuts or cupcakes. For those who choose to do a cake cutting at Rock Island, they tend to do it off to the side so it doesn't interrupt the flow of the night.

Standing on Certain Sides at the Altar: Out

According to The Knot, back in the day, the bride would stand on the left so that the groom could have his right hand free in case he needed to grab his sword to fend off other men. Since this is no longer a thing, you can stand on whichever side you'd like (unless your religion requires otherwise)!

Matching Wedding Attire: In ✔️

Pearl Paper Studio

Although mismatched wedding party attire is trending; matching attire is still in!

Receiving Lines: Out

William Hendra

A receiving line is when the guests line up to greet and congratulate the newlyweds after the ceremony. This is becoming a thing of the past as it is time consuming and quite honestly, exhausting. An engagement party is a great way to get all of that talking out of the way. And then with the hour and a half cocktail hour at Rock Island Lake Club, there is plenty of time to mingle with your guests.

Seeing Each Other Before the Ceremony: In ✔️

Whether it be a first look, having breakfast together, or getting ready together, seeing each other before the ceremony is becoming more traditional. This gives you more time with your significant other the day of your wedding (when we polled our Instagram followers, one of their wedding regrets was they wish they had spent more time together).

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