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8 Spots to Have Your First Look at Rock Island

Updated: Jan 6

Photo: Enchanted Celebrations

First looks have become the new norm in wedding day timelines. Almost every Rock Island Lake Club couple chooses to do a first look rather than wait to see each other for the first time walking down the aisle. If you're opting to have a first look with your future husband or wife -- or someone else -- but don't know where to do it, this blog post is for you!

Luckily, Rock Island is full of beautiful scenery that creates a perfect backdrop wherever you are on the property. Check out all of the first look spots to help you decide where you want to have this special moment!


Where to do Your First Look

The Dock

With it's stunning lake backdrop, it's no wonder the dock is the most popular spot to do a first look. If you don't care to have a private first look, the dock is a great spot to allow your wedding party to watch; they can watch from the ballroom deck or the cocktail deck.

The Woods

Looking for something more intimate? The woods are perfect for those who want something private and a little different. This could also be a great time to get those whimsical, dreamy, fairytale-like woodsy shots if that is something you are looking for! Don't even get us started on the photos from this spot in the fall!

The Rock Island Silo

On rainy or cold days, or even on the most beautiful of days, the Silo is a gorgeous option for a first look. I mean, just look at these photos 😍!

The Foyer

There is something so romantic about a bride walking down the stairs in her dress! This airy spot brings in a lot of natural light for beautiful, dreamy photos. Our front foyer is great for first looks with your s/o; or if you opt for the outdoor pics, you could use this spot for first looks with someone else, like dad or your wedding party!

Lakeside Alternatives to the Dock

For those who want to do your first look by the lake, but don't feel comfortable walking onto the dock, these are for you!

The Balcony Suite

If you are looking to do a first look with your bridesmaids/wedding party, this spot is a given! Have your photographer line everyone up to get their reactions for special memories! And, like the front foyer, this elegant spot has so much natural light which is perfect for pictures!


Pro Tips:

  1. If you're doing a first look, be sure to let your photographer and your hair and makeup team know so that you can collectively create a timeline that will work for all of you. Doing a first look means your hair and makeup will have to be done earlier.

  2. Decide whether or not you want to hold your bouquet during your first look. This is personal preference, but we think that having your hands free makes things less awkward because you can easily hug one another.

  3. Your photographer will most likely let you know which shoulder to tap and which way your future husband or wife should turn in order to be sure that they can capture both of your reactions.


There are so many wonderful spots to have your first look! But the most important detail is of course the intimate moment itself when you both first lay your eyes on each other on your wedding day. At Rock Island, we're here to help walk you through these big moments with flawless execution so that you can focus on what really matters (leave us to the rest)!

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